Break and Form 2.0 script

This script allows you to break an object into pieces by detaching its polygons or slicing it into chunks (with or without volume preservation) and form this object again by manipulating the position, scale and rotation of each piece. You can also make dispersion of your object by making the frames go backwards. Instead of object polygons you can also work with elements – any mesh object you want. The 2.0 version is much more powerful than the 1.0 version, watch the video and look what it can do.

What’s new in 2.0 version:

-ability to work with elements
-fast, advanced slicer
-”Lock frames” button to control pos,rot and scale frames at the sime time
-fixed bug with invert frames
-fixed bug with noise map
-ability to control each axis separately with „move to pivot” option
-ability to move piece along its normal vector
-ability to specify map channel
-increased speed of diffuse map rendering

If you have bought the Break and Form 1.0 before you can upgrade it to 2.0 version for 2,99$!

Upgrade for only 2,99$:

Buy for only 4,99$:

If you have any troubles with downloading the file just contact me at: and you will get it on your email address.