Fill my bookshelves script

This script is made for 3d interior artists to help them with a process of arranging books on shelves. „Fill my bookshelves!” script can do this in a lot of unique, natural looking ways. I Hope it will be useful for you.

Script is totally free, but you can support me if you think it’s worth it :)

Download Fill my bookshelves script


5 comments to Fill my bookshelves script

  • joshpurple  says:

    Excellent, Thank You :) !

  • Vizcon  says:

    Very useful script, just made a donation!! thx

    • tamyl  says:

      Nice to hear, and thanks for support!

  • LKE design  says:

    Wonderful little script!! Super cool! – I have however some few wishes for future updates.
    You script fully fills shelves, – it might be handy to have a setting for „white space” – often a gap on the middle of the shelf with no books. It would also be nice, if there was an option that made a group of the books, – makes it easier to move around afterwards. :)

    But you sure are on the right track!!!


  • Vova  says:

    Verrry good.i was dream about it like.

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